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Kimberly Shute

Principal Broker, Licensed in Oregon

Owner, Mature Moves Real Estate Team





Certified Downsizing Coach (CDC)

A Bit About Me

As a teenager, I traveled to Europe with my British parents.  I noticed that Europeans are taught to respect their elders.  This was definitely a value instilled in our family growing up.


It strikes me that in the United States that seniors are not valued for their wisdom or honored for their legacy.  For myself, I have always been deeply moved by the stories of Holocaust survivors.  I wanted to  create the opportunity to connect youth with their elders so that they may learn from the power of their life stories.  In 2018, I started Generation Journals, where Tigard High School students  interview survivors of the Holocaust and in return create a unique gift reflecting what they learned.  Everyone involved was deeply moved.  The next phase of this project is to include World War II veterans and those with impactful stories.


When I went into real estate I found myself struggling for purpose; selling for selling’s sake was not fulfilling.  Often, in the rush to move, we pack our items and our stories without giving them much thought. I was inspired to combine my passion for the respect and care of elders, honoring their wisdom with giving life to their story.  This became the mission of PdX Mature Moves.

I am a Certified Senior Housing Professional, which is an in-depth certification.  It is specially designed to develop those valuable skills that are needed in guiding seniors in downsizing from a larger home into one that fits their current needs and lifestyle goals.  Understanding the emotional, as well as, the physical concerns that we face as we become older.  Being certified has trained me, and continues to give me, the valuable and essential tools to guide seniors, and support family members, in helping parents transition from one home to the next.

Here at PDX Mature Moves, we believe in approaching real estate a little differently, by embracing what’s important to our clients and community. As a division of Look In Portland, our company mission extends past exceptional real estate service to include education, legacy, and health, with a focus on those 55 and over (the best years of life!). We create seamless life transitions, deeper shared histories, and brighter community futures.

Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP)

The CSHP is an intensive certification earned through the Senior Real Estate Institute.  It is designed to evaluate an agent's motivation verifying their level of integrity and sincerity in the service of seniors.   We are trained in the skills specific to understanding the concerns of mature adults related to health, mobility and daily living.  We bring seniors and their family members together to understand their parent's real estate and lifestyle needs. What makes us unique is that we use compassion, care and insight throughout all stages of the real estate process.

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Kimberly writes monthly for two publications, Tigard Life and The Beaverton Resource Guide, sharing valuable stories and insight.  This information is helpful for seniors and family members whether planning for the future or looking to understand the changing lifestyle needs of parents. Kimberly parlays expertise and resources that can help assist you manage parental care and oversight. Whether near or far, she has a national network providing real estate and downsizing services.


I love imparting beneficial information to others.  Teaching, presenting and being a guest speaker are wonderful aspects of my career that I truly enjoy. I have taught classes at Keller Williams, hosted seminars and townhouse talks and have been a guest speaker at a variety of events.  If you are looking for a speaker or developing a seminar series, please contact me.  I look forward to collaborating with you.



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