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Kimberly Shute

Principal Broker, Licensed in Oregon

Owner, Mature Moves Real Estate Team





Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP)

Certified Downsizing Coach (CDC)

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A Bit About Kimberly

As a teenager, I traveled to Europe with my British parents.  I noticed that Europeans are taught to respect their elders.  This was definitely a value instilled in our family growing up.


It strikes me that in the United States that seniors are not valued for their wisdom or honored for their legacy.  For myself, I have always been deeply moved by the stories of Holocaust survivors.  I wanted to create the opportunity to connect youth with their elders so that they may learn from the power of their life stories.  In 2018, I started Generation Journals, where Tigard High School students  interview survivors of the Holocaust and in return create a unique gift reflecting what they learned.  Everyone involved was deeply moved.  The next phase of this project is to include World War II veterans and those with impactful stories.


When I went into real estate I found myself struggling for purpose; selling for selling’s sake was not fulfilling.  Often, in the rush to move, we pack our items and our stories without giving them much thought. I was inspired to combine my passion for the respect and care of elders, honoring their wisdom with giving life to their story.  This became the mission of Mature Moves Real Estate Team.

I became a Certified Senior Housing Professional, which is an in-depth, specialized certification, specially designed to develop those valuable skills that are needed in guiding seniors in downsizing, from a larger home into one that fits their current needs and lifestyle goals.  Understanding the emotional, as well as, the physical concerns that we face as we become older is critical in creating a safe, smooth and comfortable transition.  In addition, I became certified as a Downsizing Coach, which has opened my eyes to the very insightful ways to communicate with seniors and family members.  I did not realize the depth of training that is possible to help individuals, couples and families downsize from years of possessions, as well as prepare for moving and transcend the fears that can result in extreme overwhelm.  

Here at Mature Moves Real Estate Team, we believe in approaching real estate a little differently, by embracing what’s important to our clients and community. As a division of Look In Portland, our company mission extends past exceptional real estate service to include education, legacy, and health, with a focus on those 55 and over (the best years of life!). We create seamless life transitions, deeper shared histories, and brighter community futures.

Suzanne Perkins

Buyers Agent- Licensed in Oregon

Mature Moves Real Estate Team



A Bit About Suzanne

Having been exposed to real estate dealings by my dad working in commercial real estate for

37 years and other residential real estate professionals in our community, I am now excited for the opportunity to practice as an Oregon Licensed Broker. Thrilled to have the opportunity to join Kimberly Shute, Mature Moves Real Estate Team, to build brighter futures with our senior community!


My husband and I were blessed to have raised our young family in Maui, HI while enjoying my parents in their retirement years! In 2014, we returned to Oregon for family, friends, the great outdoors and higher education for our now college age daughters.


Kimberly and I look forward to serving our seniors with commitment, respect, support and care throughout life’s real estate transitions. Specializing in working with clients in their second half of life who are looking to downsize from the family home into a more manageable size home, townhome or senior community. We provide a level of service which is more than the average agent is able to provide. Instigating relationships within the community to drive the process forward with empathy, expertise and candor. We look forward to working with you as your trusted senior advocates!

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Transaction Coordinator

Our Transaction Coordinator has the key role of managing the paperwork process including obtaining electronic signatures, uploading documents to our transaction management system and arranging key client services.  A position that allows our team members to focus on client needs, while she keeps time sensitive services on track

Amy Carr

Escrow Officer

Amy’s genuine nature and love of interacting with clients is part of what makes her so exceptional at what she does. Having worked in title and escrow since 2002, she is a seasoned Escrow Officer with detailed knowledge of the closing process and the ability to handle any type of transaction with ease.

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