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National Association of
Move Managers (NASMM)
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Generations in a home is a treasure.  Downsizing is a gift!

Is it time to downsize, yet struggling with getting started?

Downsizing can make sense for so many reasons... whether you are moving, simplifying or wanting to generate more energy in your life.  

Getting started, managing the overwhelm or knowing where to begin can keep people from taking the first step and staying motivated until the true goal is reached. 

Downsize Coaching (One to One Coaching)

Downsizing Club (Group Coaching)

  1. Personal Consultation.  We meet with you at your home to learn about your goals and what you would like to achieve by downsizing.

  2. Onsite Review.  Together, we do a walk through of your house to conduct an initial assessment of your possessions and home condition.  We will also explain more about our process and how we will work together with you.

  3. Proposal and Plan.  If you agree with the results of our initial review, we will put together an agreement and a step by step map to reach your goals.

  4. Circle the date.  With your map in place, it's time to schedule and get to work!

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