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Welcome to Mature Moves Real Estate Team!
We are a seasoned real estate team, and a boutique move management company, serving mature adults.  
We specialize in making your downsizing, selling and relocation a seamless experience.


I'm Kimberly Shute, and I am so pleased to welcome you to the Mature Moves Real Estate website! 

As a division of Look In Portland, our company mission extends beyond providing exceptional real estate services.  We recognize that making the decision to leave the home you love can be challenging as well as life-changing, so the care of our clients is at the center of everything we do.

Our mission is to serve the transition needs of mature adults using extreme care and resulting in a fun and positive experience.


Our vision is to provide support to mature adults in a life-defining move, and showing them that they matter by incorporating love, laughter and respect.

By embracing what’s important to our clients and our community, my team and I work to create seamless life transitions, deeper shared histories, and brighter community futures.

  • Are you thinking about selling your home?  The Mature Moves Real Estate Team offers a complete array of personalized real estate services, from initial consultation to closing. 

  • Are you ready to downsize and relocate?  Our Mature Moves Made Easy team is ready to provide caring, professional downsizing and move management services to help you get resettled with confidence and ease.

  • Would you like to connect with others, and learn vital information from experts with a focus on adults 55 and over?  Our free monthly seminar series, Mature Adults on the Move is a fun opportunity to meet, greet, and gain important tips and tools on topics related to health, finance, legacy and other issues of increasing importance for you and your loved ones as we age.  

At Mature Moves Real Estate, we do believe in approaching real estate, downsizing and relocation differently.  We are committed to serving our clients with professionalism and respect, making their transition a positive experience filled with laughter and love.

If we can be of service, let's talk!    

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A Realtor With Experience
Senior Housing Expertise 

Certified Downsizing Coach




Certified Senior

Housing Professional  

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Downsizing into a Home
that Fits Your Lifestyle

For many, the thought of selling a home, reducing possessions, and moving into a new space

can be paralyzing.  Which is why we decided to make the process as seamless as possible.


Understanding the emotional and physical concerns we face as we become older is critical in experiencing a safe, smooth and comfortable transition - from a larger home, to a smaller and more manageable such as a condo or senior community. 


At Mature Moves Real Estate Team, we not only sell your home - we will help you

  • determine what to keep, give to family and friends, donate or discard

  • manage your home sale preparation

  • oversee the packing 

  • provide onsite leadership of moving day activities

  • unpack your most immediate possessions to your specifications, so that the first night in your new home is welcoming and relaxed 


We know that the 'memoire' is as important a part of the downsizing process as the removal of items. Letting go of treasured possessions means that change is occurring, and it can be stressful and challenging in many ways.  


We honor the emotional component to moving, and understand the strong connection to personal belongings that stirs the desire to leave a legacy... your valuable story. 


Kimberly Shute is a Certified Senior Housing Professional and Certified Downsizing Coach who can help you navigate the process. 


Kimberly received these professional designations upon successful completion of in-depth training with the Senior Real Estate Institute, which offers certification programs focused on the unique and essential skills needed to guide seniors through the process of selling, downsizing and settling easily and comfortably into a home that truly fits their current needs and lifestyle goals. 

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