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Downsizing, Navigating the Timing

When one partner is ready and the other is not.

Contemplating a move later in life, either due to health or manageability needs, is a significant matter. There are times when one partner is ready to make the change and the other is not. With such an important decision, how do you navigate the discrepancy?

Talking through each other's position on needing to downsize.

Start in a Good Place

Start in a good place by taking a moment to inhale several slow, deep breaths and exhale each slowly.  It helps to release frustration and negative energy that builds over time. 

Remembering to show respect for each other is essential to reaching a positive outcome.

Over time, the issues loom and we forget to be kind.  I highly recommend this effective step, which is having each other write down what they would like to see occur, and why. It will help both parties to have clarity, which then makes discussing the downsizing process and the move more focused.

An Example

An example would be, "I would like us to reduce our possessions to a manageable amount and move into independent living. This would make me feel more stable and supported if one of us needs to move into assisted living or needs help with daily living activities at a later date."

Also, asking one another their biggest fear or concern in relation to downsizing, and the move, and then LISTEN. It is so helpful. We often feel that we need to talk the other into agreement, however, asking valuable questions and listening is much more beneficial.

Additional Resources

Additionally, coaching may be needed so that a third party can offer an unbiased opinion and be a bridge to both parties feeling heard and supported.  If you need this type of service, feel free to reach out for a 30-minute free call to learn more. A few hours can be just what is needed. Kimberly, 971-227-1302

“Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you don’t believe is right.” – Jane Goodall

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